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The air outside smells sickly sweet and I am dragged through the doors by my nostrils. The Enfield branch of Krispy Kreme doughnuts is cavernous, embellished in train tiles and retro ice-cream colours, an attempt at recreating a bite of Americana, instead of a big shack in a retail park just off the A10. The music piped through the structure is Elvis Presley, a male who understood a thing or 2 about doughnuts.

This week, the North Carolina-based chain announced it would be doubling the number of its outlets in the UK to 100 over the next five years, on the back of growing sales, with earnings up 12.6% and serving 5 million consumers. The next will open in Leeds next month.

When Krispy Kreme opened its most current outlet in Cardiff in April, its 46th in the UK, more than 1,000 individuals queued for two hours for a doughnut. “I do have a life, truthfully,” the 32-year-old Londoner informed a Welsh newspaper, before going on to describe that it’s his pastime to go to the openings of every new Krispy Kreme store.

The business has a wide and ever-changing series of doughnuts– lemon meringue pie, chocolate dreamcake and mango passion cheesecake are all current flavours– and are shown in glass cabinets like baubles in a jewellery store.

Are these the best doughnuts? Krispy Kreme Gift Card

ere in the UK, they are stocked in Harrods and Selfridges, a marketing masterstroke, since there is also a less glamorous retail side. You find kiosks in freeway filling station, and in Enfield– the UK’s first stand-alone shop after it had actually opened a concession in Harrods to much hype– Krispy Kreme shares its car park with a McDonald’s, where individuals sit in their fetid cars and trucks, masticating. This store even has a drive-through, for when you truly can’t be troubled to stroll the few metres to the counter. Donut

The brand name is instilled with an attractive American folklore, helped in part by cameo looks in television programs such as Sex and the City and The Sopranos, with well-publicised fans such as Madonna and Beyoncé. It is an example of great branding, states Don Williams, chief executive of brand consultancy PI International. “It has a strong character, its heritage is practically concrete, and yet it does not seem like it’s had marketeers all over it. It looks like it’s always been that way– a bit of old Americana, in the same way that Coca-Cola has its roots because world. Notification the logo design similarities.”



Why are they doing so well in the UK at a time when the anti-obesity message appears to be all over? “There are two huge trends in food today– one is health, the other is extravagance, and both are comparable in size,” states Rob Ward, a food marketing expert. “It’s a little a misconception that we’re all charging off to the salad aisle; we’re similarly charging off to indulge ourselves in reward food. Among the signs of the state of economic uncertainty is to choose home cooking that provides you instant gratification.”

Fat and sugar– the twin pillars of the very best comfort food. The business’s timeless glazed doughnut contains 217 calories and 13g fat; the Cookies & Kreme doughnut has 380 calories and 17g fat. In 2008, the company revealed it was removing trans fats, the harmful processed fat that clogs arteries, however 0.5 g stays (United States food labelling allows companies to “round down”, which is why the company sometimes claims “zero trans fats”). “It is something that we’re continuing to work on,” states Judith Denby, the UK’s marketing supervisor of Krispy Kreme.

” We are running a trial of doughnuts with no trans fats in a number of our shops, and if it works out we will be rolling that out.” It isn’t even the doughnuts which are its worst offenders– Krispy Kreme likewise make beverages, and its lemon sherbet chiller was widely declared to have an unbelievable 980 calories and 40g of fat. (Denby hasn’t become aware of it: “I presume it was an US thing.”).

Obviously, nobody can possibly be uninformed that doughnuts are not a healthy treat. “They are certainly a reward item, not something to have regularly,” states Sian Porter, specialist dietitian and representative for the British Dietetic Association. “Also, you need to take a look at the method they offer them– they use discounts for a box, so there is the temptation to buy more than you want, which can encourage people to consume more.”.

I was enticed to the Enfield shop by the Krispy Kreme website. “Come along and join in the celebration video games fun with us,” it assured in its list of shop events, “to amuse the kids this half-term”. Two men in work t-shirts sit by the window, consuming doughnuts from a large box on the table in front of them.


At one end of the shop is a glass wall, through which you can see the small factory at work as the doughnuts are made. Gobbets of dough swell and are then gently tipped into hot oil. They bob happily along for a couple of minutes prior to being collected by a conveyor belt. An indication above it proclaims this the “Krispy Kreme Theatre”. It is fascinating enough, however nothing much occurs– Awaiting Godough, if you like.

Actually, says Rob Ward, this is a vital part of the brand. “Another of the big patterns in food is trust, since there has actually been an enormous breakdown. What you are seeing is a presentation of the item being made, and when you see that, you trust it more.”.

The recipes are a closely safeguarded trick– and I do not discover any leaflets with nutritional details in the store. The business emphasis on freshness implies unsold doughnuts are always thrown away (it would be “careless” to offer them away, states Denby, because they are “a reward and not a meal”.).

The staff behind the counter are so friendly I am coaxed into buying 2 doughnuts in an unique “offer” when I just indicated to buy one.

I am baffled by the choice, but decide on a Strawberries & Kreme, a doughnut with a jammy, velvety centre. It is toothsome, but I can just eat half before it makes me feel a bit sick.

There is no doubt that other individuals find these doughnuts tempting. I have an associate who would drive for an hour to this very store, “At midnight. A see to the business’s British Facebook page reveals individuals begging them to open stores in their locations, with feverish desperation.

Outside the Enfield shop, two teenage ladies bring their three-dozen doughnuts for a birthday party. “Nobody else does doughnuts like these,” states 18-year-old Amma Osei-Owusu. Starting at ퟀ�,ퟀ� 1.20 for a plain doughnut, they are more than two times the price of your average British variation.

Even in the absence of “parlor game enjoyable”, organization seems brisk, however the recent history of Krispy Kreme should be, state some market analysts, a service school case study in how to practically ruin your brand. In the 1930s, Vernon Rudolph purchased a dish from a New Orleans French pastry chef for yeast doughnuts, and in 1937 he started to offer them to regional grocery stores in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Krispy Kreme Gift Card